Local Businesses

This page lists some local Businesses and Events that we are aware of at our practice:
We can not endorse these events or businesses; they are listed for information only for those that may be interested.
Sponsored Charity:
Bosom Buds of Scotland (SC040970)
One of our staff had the unfortunate life event of developing breast cancer at an early age, 24; as a response to this her family have set up a charity which we are proud to sponsor.
Take a look and see what they are doing to raise awareness of this disease and to raise money for donation to cancer prevention research.
5KM fun run every week: Would you like to attend a regular run?
One that can be completed at your own pace but where your times will be recorded so you can monitor your improvement?
Then take a look at the site listed below for Edinburgh Park Run.
Local Business:
Yvonne Gray - Hypnotherapist: Qualified hypnotherapist offering help with a wide range of conditions. Go to Yvonne's web site by clicking the link below to see the treatments she offers.
If you would like your web site to appear on this list email me at:
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and let me know who you are and what you offer.

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